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On August 26th, 2010, my mother passed beyond the veil.
This event has become a catalyst for change in many and often profound ways in my life.
This is my way of chronicling those changes so that I may, at a later date, have the ability to review and reflect upon them.

~ Go dtugtar breith orainn dá réir ár ngníomhartha. ~
(Let us, by our actions, be judged)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Back to it ...

Had to take last week off because there was just too much going on between psychologist appointments, lawyer appointments, my younger boy being down ... our victory in court concerning the Nameless One's breach of our visitation order (Judge ripped up one side and down the other of both NO AND her lawyer ... she turned into Abbotsford's answer to Judge Judy and had no time or patience for the shenanigans that have been played) which resulted in getting to see little D one his Birthday (Friday) for two hours and then both the grandchildren on Sunday for our scheduled time.

By Monday morning I was so wiped I could barely stay awake.

So ... here we are playing a little catch up.

Want to mention the Great Blue Heron that I saw last week before the court date in our complex's playground ... it watched the dogs and I for about a minute before it flew east (to my right) into the complex and hung a left around the first bloc of units. Yeah ... took that as an omen of good things.


At any rate ... the card for this week is:

3. The Empress

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